Glaziers in Cobham, Double Glazed Sealed Units in Cobham, Mirrors in Cobham

Many clients come to us from the Cobham area looking to invest in beautiful, bespoke glass products that can elevate interiors to the next level. As Surrey’s leading glass suppliers, our glass splashbacks, mirrors and double glazed units do just this. We consult with you to ensure that every single box on your wish list is properly ticked off.

While mirrors and glass splashbacks certainly have functional as well as aesthetic function, the double glazed sealed units we create to partition both domestic and commercial environments (e.g in the latter as offices and meeting rooms, in the former as showers etc.) perhaps have the most technical of requirements – they must be thermally efficient.

This article takes a brief look at how effective double glazing works, so that you can know the science behind what we do as Cobham’s favoured glaziers and glass suppliers. More interested in discussing what you’re looking for out of glass splashbacks, mirrors or double glazed sealed units? Pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 01372 377 128.

Double Glazing and Thermal Efficiency

Most of our double glazed sealed units have a gap between two panes of between 16mm and 20mm. These panes are fitted into high quality frames, usually made of aluminium. They are hermetically sealed to create an air tight seal and barrier between interior/exterior of the unit. Our glazers and glass suppliers, when tasked by a Cobham client to make a highly efficient unit (e.g for an meeting room which needs to both retain heat, and as a knock-on but important effect prevent potentially sensitive discussions from leaking out into the wider office) we will use low emissivity glass.

This features an invisible to the eye metal oxide coat which allows light/heat in but prevents the latter from escaping. Other ways we might gear our double glazed sealed units toward efficiency (something we don’t have to worry about with mirrors and glass splashbacks), is by injecting certain gasses in between the glass layers. Xeon, Krypton and Argon are all very effective in this application.

Combining these techniques the glaziers and glass suppliers at Leatherhead Glass can create fantastic double glazed sealed units which reduce energy costs to heat the interior. Even in domestic situations, these are great – it keeps your shower warm and comfortable and protected from the outside atmosphere on a chilly winter evening in Cobham or its surrounds.

For stunning, value-adding glass splashbacks, mirrors or double glazed sealed units – call the Cobham area’s best lobed glaziers and glass suppliers on 01372 377 128.