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The Leatherhead Glass team prides itself on the beautiful mirrors, glass splashbacks and double glazed sealed units we design and manufacture for clients in the Oxshott and wider Surrey area. They can be commanding centrepieces that create a room’s identity, or complimenting pieces which fill gaps and tie everything together. But once our glaziers and glass merchants have installed your product, how do you ensure it stays in tip-top condition for years to come?

That’s the subject of this below article – specifically: the maintenance of glass splashbacks. We think it’ll be of use to our Oxshott clients whether they’re still deciding on what to get, or if they have been proud owners of one of our glass splashbacks (and perhaps mirrors and double glazed sealed units) for years already.

However, there’s a good chance this isn’t 100% relevant to you. If that’s the case, pick up the phone and contact our glaziers and glass merchants near Oxshott on 01372 377 128. We can discuss all the details you’re looking for out of glass splashbacks, mirrors or double glazed sealed units and give you advice, as well as a free, no obligation quote on the product of your dreams!

Looking After Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are there to protect your walls from everyday stains and spillages that occur when cooking or washing up. As such, they’re designed to be easy to clean. But this doesn’t mean you can simply let them accumulate a ton of dirt then clean them once in a blue moon. Just as with mirrors and double glazed sealed units this would lead to the glass losing part of its distinctive sheen, something we’ve seen when replacing Oxshott clients glass products with new, bespoke ones.

So our Oxshott glaziers and glass suppliers recommend the little and often approach – perhaps built into your weekly kitchen clean. While there are specific cleaning products designed just for glass splashbacks, mirrors and double glazed sealed units, if you do not have this to hand try white vinegar or mix together warm water with a mild detergent (for dishes, not clothes!) Use a very soft cloth, rather than something with a tough and bristly character which could scratch its surface. A second, dry cloth can be used to get rid of streaks and buff the surface for a perfect finish.

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