Proud to be Your Trusted Local Glaziers in Epsom

Leatherhead Glass enjoys a steady stream of trade from the Epsom area, partly due to its close proximity but mainly due to the reputation we’ve built as Surrey’s leading glaziers and glass suppliers. Whether you’re in the market for glass splashbacks, mirrors or double glazed sealed units – we can craft something bespoke that will exceed your expectations!

Below, we’ve looked to provide advice on selecting glass splashbacks to suit your Epsom property and individual needs. However, much of this advice can also be applied to choosing selecting mirrors or said double glazed sealed units. So do read on, even if you’re more interested in the latter two options more so than glass splashbacks.

Whether you figure out exactly what you want from this article or need further advice, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team of glaziers and glass suppliers on 01372 377 128. We’re happy to give free, no obligation advice and ensure you secure the perfect, bespoke product for your property.

Advice on Choosing Glass Splashbacks

Colour – Bold and unusual, or simple and neutral? Consider the space you have and what’s already going on within your interior design scheme. Our glaziers can make glass splashbacks in any RAL colour, so the world’s your oyster here. Remember, while splashbacks (as with our mirrors and double glazed sealed units) have a functional task to fulfil – they’re a big part of the aesthetics of the room they’re included in. Ensure they match with worktops, fixtures and the like – alternatively, that they offset them in an attractive manner.

Style – Our glass splashbacks can be made in all sorts of different styles. From a reflective, bright sheen to something more matte and textured, we can find something that suits your individual sense of style. Rustic kitchens may want a mottled effect which channels nature’s varied and slightly random aesthetic, whereas modern kitchens might want something entirely consistent. Epsom property owners can make their own minds up, rather than have to select from one-size-fits-all options sold at large home wear chain retailers.

Budget – This goes for whether you’re visiting our glass suppliers for glass splashbacks, mirrors or double glazed sealed units – set a budget! We’ve made huge, complex centrepieces that might be slightly north of what you want to spend – just as we’ve made stunning, understated pieces which tie rooms together. If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom in Epsom, it pays to have everything itemized, budgeted and accounted for.

For more advice, or to invest in quality glass splashbacks, mirrors or double glazed sealed units – call Epsom’s preferred glaziers on 01372 377 128.