Premium Quality Glass in Walton on Thames

It’s often difficult to know where to begin when it comes to buying glass and how to best use it for enhancing the aesthetics and practicality of your home. This is where it is useful to go to professional glaziers and glass suppliers, such as Leatherhead Glass, for expert advice. Based in Leatherhead, we are professional glass merchants for Walton on Thames and the surrounding Surrey areas, offering glass of all shapes and sizes. We enjoy helping homeowners find the perfect glass products for their property, including exterior window styles, kitchen splashbacks and glass shelves

5 Ways to Improve Your Home with Glass

  1. All homes have a style that makes them unique and choosing the right glass to match the design aesthetic is the first step in picking the right windows for your Walton on Thames home. As any of our glaziers will tell you, looking closely at your property’s architectural style for guidance will always help, but if you’re unsure about which styles to choose, our experienced glass merchants can guide you through any uncertainties you may have.

  2. Whilst the function of glass windows is to let in light, they also serve well as a doorway. For example a sliding patio door is functional and a fixed window is ornamental. Both of course are available from our glass suppliers and our glaziers can install at a great price. Call us now for a free no-obligation quote.

  3. One of the most essential purposes of windows is to let in the air. Ventilation is of utmost importance and deciding what type of window you’d like contributes to this. Speak to one of our glaziers today in picking the right glass to go in a bay or sash window, or even a small one to let in the breeze at your Walton on Thames home.

  4. Bathroom glass comes in a whole range of shades and designs. As bespoke glass merchants and glass suppliers, Leatherhead Glass can help you choose the correct window to give you maximum light but also the privacy needed at your Walton on Thames home. At our workshop we can cut glass to fit any window and also install if needed.

  5. In some cases, glass merchants like us work with local architects for new builds in Walton on Thames and the surrounding areas. One of the things our dedicated glaziers will inevitably get asked, is what type of glass will let the maximum amount of light in and how much does it cost? Sometimes it depends on the position of the sun and how it will shine into the home. The cost is of course down to the amount and type of glass going in. If you’re a developer or designer building a home, don’t hesitate to give us a call for further advice.

Call our glass merchants and glass suppliers on 01372 377 128, or visit our workshop to speak with our glaziers in-person. We supply and install glass throughout Walton on Thames.