Elevate Your Space With Striking Mirrors & Glass Splashbacks from Our Glass Suppliers in Guildford

We’re always receiving calls from Guildford home and business owners who’ve heard about, or seen first-hand the work our glaziers and glass suppliers carry out. From the design, manufacture and installation of ornamental mirrors, to glass splashbacks and double glazed sealed units – the Leatherhead Glass team helps add both functionality and stylish good looks to interior spaces.

But what if you feel just a tad stuck on the inspiration side of things? You may have leafed through countless magazines, browsed endless websites and asked friends and family alike to no avail. It can happen! While a big part of what our glaziers and glass merchants do for Guildford clients is aid in the design process, we wanted to provide an online resource that will hopefully get ideas firing off.

We’ve focused in on mirrors, as they’re often one of the harder products to make a final decision with; they’re often the centrepiece of a room, whether it be a living room, bathroom or hallway. So if you’re in Guildford and more interested in the glass splashbacks we manufacture and install, or perhaps our double glazed sealed units, feel free to skip ahead and call our friendly team of skilled glaziers and glass merchants on 01372 377 128.

Styles of Mirrors Our Glaziers Craft

Square Mirrors – Clean and with jutting angles, square mirrors can take both traditional or modern form; it’s simply down to framing. They’re fairly risk-free, and have a certain timelessness about them. Our glaziers and glass merchants often recommend square mirrors to Guildford clients who aren’t quite sure whether a mirror is to be placed yet, as they can go pretty much anywhere, in any interior. In a word, they’re versatile.

Round Mirrors – We love designing and manufacturing round mirrors, which have either a futuristic feel or a retro, 70sish “throwback” style about them. Many Guildford clients have placed them above mantelpieces, framed by decorative antiques, vases and the like. They can range from minimalist, with very thin or non-existent borders – to more statement pieces with busier, thicker frames.

Decorative Mirrors – Our glaziers and glass suppliers are well known throughout Guildford for creating mirrors, glass splashbacks and double glazed sealed units which simply can’t be found at generic home wear stores. We can create one-of-a-kind statement decorative mirrors, to your precise specifications, which are less about utilitarianism and more about being the centrepiece of a room’s design scheme.

Still unsure what will best suit your Guildford home or commercial property? mirrors, glass splashbacks or double glazed sealed units? Call our glass suppliers on 01372 377 128.