Glaziers in Tadworth Specialising in Mirrors of All Shapes and Sizes

Over the years spent at our Leatherhead workshop, our glaziers have created countless mirrors which have ended up in homes and places of work across Tadworth. Here we’ve looked to give some more information on the types of mirrors that our glass merchants customise and sell.

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Popular Types of Mirrors

Plane Mirrors – These mirrors have flat or planar reflective surfaces and produce a virtual image which is the same distance behind the mirror as the reflected object is in front of it, while also being the same size. The term virtual image means that the rays of light which emit from the object reflected don’t actually go to the image, instead extensions of reflected light meet behind the mirror. Our team of glass suppliers provide and install plane mirrors for domestic and commercial customers throughout the Tadworth area.

Spherical Mirrors – This category includes both concave/converging and convex mirrors. In the case of the former, the mirror is curved slightly inward, creating an enlarged reflection that’s often seen in shaving mirrors. Glaziers fit the latter when clients around Tadworth are looking for mirrors which allow the user to see around corners. Our glass merchants explain that these are often seen in parking garages and are also the type of mirror used in car wing mirrors. These mirrors bulge outward like the back of a spoon, thereby reflecting a wider angle. Convex mirrors reflect smaller and more distorted images than concave/converging and plane mirrors, but are still very useful in certain circumstances.

Silvered Mirrors – Our glass suppliers near Tadworth also sell silvered mirrors, which glaziers create by spreading a thin layer of metallic silver over glass. These are extremely reflective and high quality surfaces, most commonly used for decorative purposes.

Wall Mirrors – Wall mirrors come in a variety of styles but are generally large in size. Often used for dance studios, gyms and other commercial premises, they can also a room or hallway in a domestic property look much more spacious. Our glaziers can measure a wall mirror precisely to size so that it fits perfectly in your chosen space. If you’re looking to purchase any of these types of mirrors, contact our team of professional glass merchants and glass suppliers today.

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